There's something beautiful about self-sexpression. It's the simplest, most primordial of concepts, to take what's already inside of you and share it with the world. And yet it can also be one of the bravest, most vulnerable and most powerful tools we have. Today, with a proliferating number ways to express ourselves, it is all the more fascinating to harness this power.

This is what fuels me personally and professionally. As a teenager (and Chilean immigrant) growing up in Texas, I discovered the thrill of asserting my identity on my own terms. Through thrift store t-shirts, South American jewelry and a tragic novel always by my side, I crafted a narrative about who I was. In college, I became enthralled with the complexity of a whole social movement trying to define its identity on its own terms. I researched and interviewed Chilean student activists who were negotiating this mass identity parsing. This turned into a life-long passion for mission-driven communities that enable people to express themselves and find belonging.

Professionally, I've formed part of several mission-driven organizations (from a pickup soccer app to a lifestyle magazine to a higher education news office to most recently a human capital startup where I conducted user and market research). Currently, I am an Audience Engagement Manager for a career advancement tech platform called Jopwell that supports Black, Latinx and Native American students and professionals.

In honor of my love of self-expression, here are a few Amanda Sol listicles straight from the corners of my mind:

6 Pastimes I 💖

  • 1. Communicating With Emoji
    The wannabe-linguist in me is fascinated by the endless possibilities of these modern-day hieroglyphics 💖😎🍟🌵
  • 2. Following Reality TV Stars On Social Media
    I am deelply curious about the ways they foster intimacy from a distance, and the ways their fans react.
  • 3. Creating Really Specific Playlists
    Some of my favorites include "Highly Cinematic Moments" and "Middle School R&B"
  • 4. Reading Non-Fiction
    There's nothing like diving head first into a topic I know nothing about. Currently Reading: The Givers: Wealth, Power, and Philanthropy in a New Gilded Age.
  • 5. Making Lists in My Notebook
    There's something so soothing about breaking days up into bite-sized pieces.
  • 6. Binge-Watching Television
    These days this requires no justification, we all know it's peak-TV. Currently Binge-Watching: New Girl, The People Vs. O.J. Simpson, Vampire Diaries, Big Little Lies.

7 Things I am Proud to Be

  • 1. A Chilean immigrant.
  • 2. A Libra. 🙃
  • 3. A (hyper-involved) older sister.
  • 4. A first-generation college graduate.
  • 5. A pop-culture lover
  • 6. A non-profit advisor.
  • 7. A behavioral psychology nerd.

5 Personal Values I Live By

  • 1. Compassion: My proudest accomplishments are in service to others.
  • 2. Impact: I want my contributions to make a difference.
  • 3. Intimacy: I measure my relationships by the depth of connection.
  • 4. Curiosity: Questioning is my operating principle.
  • 5. Self-Expression: See above.

4 Things That Motivate Me

  • 1. Curiosity: The thrill of discovering why.
  • 2. Challenge: And people who challenge me.
  • 3. Youthful Optimism: For the future.
  • 4. My Younger Brother & Sister: Whose potential is awe-inspiring.