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This ongoing crowdsourcing campaign is one of Duke social media's most successful efforts. Punctuated by free "photo walks" in picturesque campus locations, this campaign encourages the Duke community to take ownership over the beauty of our campus by tagging their campus photos with #PictureDuke (as well as special seasonal hashtags like #DukeSpring) on social media. We further motivate submission by entering the best photos into periodic contests for prizes. In this process, owners hand over their image rights and we are able to build a free stock image library that the entire Duke community can use. We also frequently like and comment on photos tagged with our hashtags and repost our favorites. Because of this constant reinforcement, use of these hashtag has continued to grow in popularity.

Lessons Learned

  • We've learned that positive reinforcement can have long-term benefits by fostering a group of regular users who are always submitting quality content and tacitly encouraging their friends to do the same