Duke Student Government's Intellectual Climate Committee has released their 2012 report. Through a comprehensive undergraduate survey, as well as meetings & interviews with faculty, student leaders, and administrators, we have put together a picture of the various components of our intellectual climate. Below you'll be directed to our video interviews, survey results, and written report. You can learn more about us here. We hope you find our results informative and provocative, and encourage you to leave feedback here or on our Facebook page with the button below. Thank you!
-Amanda Peralta, Duke ICC Chair

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Video Interviews

Over the course of Fall semester, 2011, the ICC conducted video interviews with student leaders and members of the Duke administration to understand how they view Duke, and where they invision our future heading.

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Survey Results

In partnership with the Statistics department, we conducted a student-wide representative survey to understand what Duke students value, how they judge our intellectual climate, and whether they believe we should improve. You can check out some of the significant findings we made into infographics, or read the direct results.

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Written Report

Apart from conducting video interviews and our student wide surveys, the ICC's members were involve din many conversations with administrators, faculty and students throughout the 2011-12 school year. Our written report is an attempt to consolidate the many viewpoints we found and provide suggestions for how Duke can improve upon its current Intellectual Climate.

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